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Implement a Cost Effective Data Mining Strategy into your Marketing
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Data Driven Marketing for Different Buyer Types

Relationships & Sales - Marketing to Your Customers

One challenge every business has is generating interest and driving sales. Some business owners, directors, and managers think marketing is expensive, ineffective, and a more complicated than it should be. What can we learn from Dale Carnegie and how do we apply that in the 20's? The 2020's that is. 

Different Types of Sales Relationships 

When thinking of marketing and sales what comes to mind, is it "How do I get new customers?" OF COURSE IT IS! 

Let's break down different types of sales relationships and talk about how we can effectively market to them in different ways in order to build nurture the relationship and win a high intent sales opportunity. 

The Scientist

The scientist is someone who is very spec and product driven. These are typically end users that have to use the product or service. The best way to win these customers over is to showcase the features, advantages, and benefits and understand how the FAB builds value and helps the customer solve their problems. 

The Banker

This buyer is typically concerned about the economics of your product or service and is interested only in the monetary investment. These are typically directors and executive levels. 

The Child

If you've ever sold cars, or bought a car, then you know that children are sometimes the best advocates and can put a bit of pressure on your customer to buy. They are typically a manager in another department, a friend, or a co worker. 

Latest & Greatest Guy

This is the guy that will buy whatever it is that your selling as long as it's the latest and greatest. Even if he cancels tomorrow he still got a chance to brag to his friends about his purchase.


All Communications whether an Email Blast or Phone Call Should be Brand Compliant


Tell a Story About the Communication and Tie it to Your Unique Value Proposition


Create Eye Catching and Attention Grabbing Marketing Communications


Create a winning data mining strategy to help create cost effective marketing campaigns that creates sales opportunities and drives sales.

How Should We Market for All Buyer Types?


Find Tools That Work for You 

Find tools that can help you uncover opportunities. Spearphish's industry leading Clean Customer Data Platform combines several marketing tools into one. If you're a One to One marketing and sales professional then you are going to need a way to store, sort, and clean your customer data. 


Look at the Market

Check out what your competitors are doing. Most of your competitors are so focused on new business that they forget about their database and the vast amount of opportunities that live in their CRM. 


Use First Party Data

Find a system such as the Spearphish Data Engine that will ingest your 1st party customer data, clean it, and append any missing or inaccurate data that may live in your CRM, CMS, or bad data from lead providers.

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