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Clean Data 
Drives Sales Opportunities

Feed the Spearphish Data engine and bring your customer data to life. Store your customers in safe & and secure data lakes and use the Spearphish Data Engine and industry-specific filters to create relevant and hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

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Industry Leading Clean Customer Data Platform

Bring your customer data to life with the Spearphish Data Engine an industry-leading Clean Customer Data Platform that ingests data and will clean and append missing data points to build a Golden Customer Profile to send hyper-relevant communications. Create cost-effective marketing campaigns and use a multi-channel marketing strategy to create more sales opportunities.


​Data Hygiene

Say goodbye to duplicates and add in good contact information where bad or missing information once lived by harnessing the power of AI and the Spearphish Data Engine to clean data and append in missing or inaccurate data. This gives your sales operators the ability to have a direct line of communication to your customers in order to grow and nurture relationships to drive sales.

Spearphish is a clean customer data platform that puts the power in your hands to help grow your opportunities.
Use our multi channel marketing tools to boost your exposure, grow and nurture customer relationships, and generate high quality low cost sales opportunities and leads.

Instant Multi-channel Media Communications

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to create and manage your own campaigns with multiple outbound channels including: email, video email, text, AI connections, Facebook, Google and MORE! Loyalty campaigns, new customer outreach, and conquest campaigns all ready in minutes with the most accurate data available and no agency fees.

Safe & Secure Data Lakes

Untangle messy data feeds from your CRM and customer transaction systems in a secure data lake with appended and missing data and use powerful industry specific filters in order to create hyper targeted lakes to go fishing in. 

Look past your CRM for a way to store your data in a safe and secure data lake and look at the Spearphish Data Engine to help make actionable leads through targeted campaigns to your data lakes.
Data Hygiene
Muli Medi Comm
Data Lakes

Key Features

Increase reach with highly targeted marketing
Reach the Right Audience

Our meticulously curated database ensures that your marketing efforts are directed towards the most relevant industry contacts.

Work with your Account Director to design a custom strategy to deploy Spearphish into your business.
Tailored Strategies

We design customized marketing strategies that align with your business goals and resonate with your target audience, maximizing engagement and conversions.

Spearphish puts your datamine back into your control offering cost effective and affordable marketing as a service plans to help you engage customers and create more sales opportunities.
Cost-Effective Solutions

By targeting your ideal customers, you can optimize your marketing budget, achieving a higher return on investment (ROI) and minimizing wasteful spending.

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