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Data Mining for Insurance Agents

The Difference Between a Scalabe Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Spearphish.IO is not just a platform, it's a revolution in data-driven marketing. We help you understand your customer data like never before, leveraging both 1st and 3rd party databases to increase your sales and run engaging ad campaigns. Our impact is felt in the enhanced performance metrics of our clients, and seen in the growth of their businesses.

Data Mining Process for Insurance Agents


Isolate Data Sources


Check Data Hygiene


Clean by Appending Good Data


Send Email & Text Blasts


Use AI Sales Assistant to Help Generate Quotes

Leverage Clean Data With Industry  Specific Filters

  • Filter for renewals, cancellations, carriers, and line of business. 

  • Track calls, emails, and marketing campaigns.

  • Get access to our 1st Party Databases for Auto & Home Conquest Data.

  • Send Email & Text Campaigns.

  • Use AI Sales Assistant to Generate Quotes

  • Use 1st Party Data Hook to Identify Anonymous Web Traffic

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