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Cost Effective Marketing for Retail Stores

Using Data Mining to Grow Retail Sales and Creating a Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Calm Lake

Clean & Append Customer Data

Filter Your Customer Data & Send Relevant Ads

Get Marketing Reports that Matter

Cost Effective Data Marketing

Data Engine

Choose a Customer Data Platform that provides more than just the ability to clean and append. With the Spearphish Data Engine you get a powerful toolkit to send email, build social media audiences, send Text Blasts but you can also track the progress of all of your campaigns in one place.

Powerful Video Email Plugin

Through our Co-Video Email Plugin you can send high converting video embedded emails to your customers. Grow a high converting video email campaign to help drive sales.

retail filters.png

Filter & Target Your Customers

Use our industry leading marketing filters to drive a cost effective marketing strategy for retail stores and enabling hyper relevant advertising to your customers.

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